"Health is Wealth"

BarzGlobal is a collective of natural body weight fitness enthusiasts. Their training programmes have a strong focus on functional movement, whilst specialising in bar training & traditional stretching. The team focus heavily on reps, sets and endurance, whilst also exploring the dynamic, and explosive aspects of training available through the use of the bars. The team further emphasise the importance of stretching, maintaining flexibility and joint mobility for longevity.


"Let thy food be thy medicine, thy medicine thy food"

Nutritional awareness and diet play a fundamental role in fitness and lifestyle. BarzGlobal are continually learning and expanding their approaches to diet consumption.  The team studies the variety of pre colonial Afrakan (African) diets, inspired from teachings by Dr Sebi, which speak of the importance of a plant based diet. The team works together to create specific diet plans, that correspond with the individual and their lifestyle. 

Sunday Session


BarzGlobal works towards building bridges in the community through the power of fitness. They train people from all walks of life. This is a multi-cultural, multi-faith, multi-origin movement. If you share an interest in fitness, regardless of your ability, they'll train you. All are welcome!

BarzGlobal sessions are run by qualified, licensed and experienced fitness instructors. It is advised to always seek medical advice regarding previous/or existing illnesses and/or injuries that may be impacted or further affected by physical activity.